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 Throughout time and history, we find reference to crystals in all parts of the world. From the "sea of glass" like unto crystal found in "Revelations" in the Bible to the channeled information of today. From the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis to the Native Americans of North and South America, from the Druids to the Pranic healers of India, crystals have played a major role in the healing and spirituality of mankind. They are messengers of pure love and light, as well as "tools" which have the incredible ability to absorb, store, transfer, project and focus the subtle energies.

Crystal is a beautiful "messenger" of God's pure love and light. Carried within the many different formations in the Crystal Kingdom are characteristics not unlike our own. When we see how determined they are to co-exist in harmony and find healing and perfection, it reminds us that when we strive to be pure in body, mind and spirit, we too can find that perfection and completion in our lives. Crystal is said to bring the energy of the stars to the soul, and to enhance and amplify both energy and thoughts. It is a wonderful tool for communication as well as for receiving information from other-worldly masters, healers and teachers. It can increase the energy flow of love, light, peace and harmony for the greater good of all mankind, and in accordance with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Crystal is also the grounding stone for those born under the sign of Capricorn. It is the "sun" of the Stone People and an honored member of the Medicine Wheel.

After nearly 20 years of working with the Crystal and Mineral Kingdoms, we have learned much about the properties of these magnificent gifts from Mother Earth. Coming to Arkansas to dig them for the first time in 1992, changed our lives forever. Having a strong calling to "spread the word" we bought some property and moved to Mount Ida "The Crystal Capital of the World" in 1999, where we could live with, and study these amazing crystals every day, and we have come to discover that their many different formations and properties are so varied that they are much like our personalities, and they tend to draw like-minded energies to them. Wanting to share this with the whole world, we purchased a mine, so that we could continue to bring you these amazing crystals. It is our mission to create a place to share knowledge with those who are awakening to crystals, in order to bring them a greater understanding of the roles that these crystals play in our lives, as we move closer to the "New Mother Earth."

Crystal blessings upon us all!

Jewels "RavynHawk" Kincaid