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Julie "RavynHawk" Kincaid began her career working with crystals in the fall of 1992, after having a life-change experience digging her own crystals with her best friend Dino, whom she later married. She is a semi-retired massage therapist and crystal practitioner, with a deep respect and love for the Native American spirituality and all healing modalities, as well as a passion for working with crystals. Blessed with a broad base of knowledge and guided by intuition, she also enjoys creating personalized, empowerment and healing jewelry and gardens for her clients. She is an accomplished writer, doing most of the writing for their many websites, in between the time spent with the many visitors to their shop. In addition, she loves to do readings working with animal medicine, astrology, numerology, kinesiology and ascended masters and has done various crystal workshops, some of which are especially geared towards children and families.